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David Harris


I was born and raised in the Northeastern Ohio area. I attended Kent State University, where I earned a degree as a Bachelor of the Arts with many credits in the sciences as well. I have been involved in the art of photography since I was a child. Taught by my father, a former photo journalist, editor, and then professional educator in physics, chemistry, and biology. I am very proud of my father, he was a great and impressive man. I have many fond memories of spending weekend evenings in a basement darkroom mixing chemicals and developing/enlarging the days images.


From his example I began taking photos when I was ten and have had a camera in my hands since then.

I spend much of my time weight training, mountaineering, climbing, kayaking, competing in triathlons or ultra marathons, and pushing my limits. I don't back down and I don't quit. I train extensively to maintain my strength and stamina so I am always ready for a challenge, mental or physical.

I constantly study lighting, composition, and style to stay current in with a mental index of what it means to be photography.  I bring different aspects of each field together.  Wedding, event , portrait,  and sports to produce images unlike any others you will find. elsewhere.

Nam King profile.JPG

Nam was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the USA 10 years ago. Here he studied information technology and earned his Bachelor degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University. As you can see by his profile image this is a man who loves his work and it shows in his creativity and refined vision that appears in his cinematic creations.

Nam King


James Iubelt


James was born and raised in Madison Ohio on his family Vineyard, Maple Ridge Vineyard He recently graduated from Cleveland State University with a degree in video production and stream editing. He is currently involved in  commercial advertising with video production projects across a wide spectrum of genres.

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